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diversity & inclusion

The face of the world is changing, and so is how people entering the workforce view diversity, inclusion, and gender identity. Providing diversity and inclusion training isn’t just about doing it as a formality, rather it’s about helping employees understand that the company places value on diversity, building inclusive working spaces, properly using employee pronouns, and overcoming all sorts of unconscious biases. 

A diverse and inclusive workplace is one that makes everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do for the organization, feel equally involved in and supported in all areas of the workplace.


Research has shown many benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace: higher revenue, greater readiness to innovate, an increased ability to recruit a diverse talent pool and a 5.4 times higher employee retention rate.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Courses:

  • Leading for Diversity, Inclusion & Equity in the Workplace - 1-day training workshop on how to lead diversity and inclusion in your organization, with a concentration on unconscious bias, privilege, gender and sexual diversity and proper use of pronouns in the workplace.

  • Inclusion & Diversity in the Workplace - ½ day workshop to offer all of your employees to discuss what is diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias and privilege.

  • Proper Use of Pronouns in the Workplace - ½ day workshop to explore what gender and sexual diversity is and the proper use of pronouns.

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strategic planning

Consider this: If you asked all the senior leaders in your company to share the company direction and targets, would they be able to provide a clear answer? If not, strategic clarity and focus is lacking. Without everyone understanding and working towards the same goals, the company will drift and miss out on opportunities that align with their goals. 


At Uprise, we have seen first hand, many times, how a well developed strategic blueprint developed in partnership with a neutral third party can catapult the success of a business or organization. We carry out a detailed analysis of your market and work with your team to conduct a process that leads to clear goal setting, expectations and communication. We then build the plan to set and keep your business and people on the right track to success. 

strategic blueprint

team workshops

How much time and energy do you invest in your people? What about in yourself? Unfortunately in many companies, leadership and team development is handled only when a problem arises. We encourage companies to take a very proactive approach to professional development opportunities that align with their goals. Uprise supports leadership and team development for many types of organizations through customized coaching and through various workshops to make training easy and accessible for everyone.

All workshops can be delivered in-person or through live virtual sessions.

  • Emotional Intelligence™ Team Session

  • StrengthsFinder™ Team Session

  • Kolbe™ Team Session

  • MBTI Session - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™

  • The Art of Working From Home

  • Leading Remotely – How Leaders Can Keep Employees Engaged

  • Leading Through a Crisis

Some of our workshops include:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

  • Generational Leadership

  • Change Management

  • How to Master Difficult Conversations

  • How to Manage Conflict in the Workplace

  • Leading Teams & Others

  • StrengthsFinder™ Team Session

Please contact us for more information and to request a full catalog of training programs for your organization.

leadership & team development

leadership training

When it comes to being an expert in your field, you know what you’re doing. However, when you add people into the mix - people YOU have to manage - you might find yourself struggling without the right tools and resources. Not many of us have degrees in leadership, but it can make or break an organization. 


Uprise Consulting offers a Certificate in Leadership Training program that consists of three parts:

  • leading yourself,

  • leading teams and

  • leading the organization.


By offering a customized white-labelled program, we not only shape the program specifically based on the organization’s unique requirements for training, we also allow companies to brand the program elements and certificates. This reinforces the company brand and culture through their leadership training program. 

Whether you are a soon-to-be manager, a first-time manager or a seasoned leader, this program provides you with the necessary hands-on training you need to build upon your competencies to be effective in your role of leading people. 

leadership training

hr consulting

We fully believe that a company is only as strong as the people working in it. From the recruitment process to hiring, career coaching and succession planning, Uprise has helped many companies of various sizes streamline, strengthen and grow their business. We have also helped companies and families continue their legacy for years and generations to come. 

Recruitment (Kolbe Right Fit Profile)

Using our innovative and practical hiring tool, The Kolbe Right Fit Profile, you can increase the accuracy and reliability of your hiring process to be 82% successful in predicting performance and hiring the right people. The Right Fit Profile can replace or simply be added to your current hiring process to save you time, money and stress in making confident and successful decisions. Attract and retain the best people for your organization with the The Right Fit Profile.

HR Policy Development

At Uprise, we understand the importance of a solid human resource (HR)  policy, and have seen the challenges that an organization faces without one. Uprise works with organizations to effectively draw rules for employees and to recognize and respect the needs and thoughts of those employees. By developing and implementing an HR policy, you can set expectations of employees, reduce conflict in the workplace, help your leadership team confidently make correct decisions, and maintain a happy corporate culture to attract and retain great people.

Succession Planning Services

Proper succession planning is extremely important - it means you can continue to keep your direction and avoid disrupting momentum, operations and productivity (a costly mistake). Uprise helps you plan and execute the smooth and successful transition of leadership positions. We offer a customized service based on unique needs, with  recruitment, executive searches, selection assessments, onboarding and the actual transition of the leadership roles.

Career Coaching

Not everyone knows what career they want - whether you are a high school student, a university student or someone already working. Uprise works with you to help find your true career passion. We use three assessments to identify who you are, how you work and what your interests are - then we work with you to help you make sense of it all. When our work is complete, you will have a better understanding of yourself and how and where you fit best, both for your skills and your happiness.

hr consulting

people analytics

Kolbe Right Fit Profile

The Kolbe Right Fit Profile is used to support and enhance a successful hiring strategy. Using this innovative and practical hiring tool, you can increase the accuracy and reliability of your hiring process to be 82% successful in predicting performance and hiring the right people. The Right Fit Profile can replace or simply be added to your current hiring process to save you time, money and stress in making confident and successful decisions. Attract and retain the best people for your organization with the Uprise and The Right Fit Profile. 


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

The MBTI® is a well-respected and commonly-used personality type assessment tool. Many individuals and companies continue to see its value as the MBTI® helps you learn about your own personality type, how you operate and how to work successfully with all types. At Uprise, we use this effective assessment tool to help you and/or your team form greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, to further develop strengths and under-utilized aspects of their personality and inner-workings to be more successful.  


The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) 

JVIS is an education and career planning tool used to capture your interests and provides information on how they relate to education and work, in order to lead you to academic and professional fulfillment. Uprise then provides you with relevant links, resources and industry contacts to help you learn more about your education options to make the right decision and investment of your time and money. 


Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA)

Emotional intelligence has an important place in business, ensuring managers can better understand and motivate their team. The EISA tool measures perceiving, managing, decision making, achieving and influencing. Working with Uprise, companies can introduce emotional intelligence into the workplace, helping individuals understand the connection between their emotional and social skills and their performance, and to build those skills effectively. 


Benchmarks© 360 Degree Feedback 

The comprehensive, customizable 360-degree assessment for middle to upper-level managers measures 16 competencies critical for success, as well as five possible career derailers. This in-depth analysis of observable behaviors provides managers with a solid assessment of their leadership competencies. Using this assessment, Uprise helps managers to identify new work endeavours to take on to develop critical competencies for success, and identifies possible problems that may stall their career.


people analyics

executive coaching & consulting

Even the top performing executives and most well-known and respected business leaders consider leadership coaching a core element of executive development.


At Uprise, we help you sharpen your vision and leadership acumen. We work closely with you to master the skills that align with your company’s vision and prepare you for personal and business growth.


Our coaching process follows five fundamental steps:


  • Building the relationship

  • Providing assessment

  • Challenging thinking and assumptions

  • Support and encouragement

  • Driving results

executive coaching & consulting

supplier diversity

Supplier diversity is a strategic business practice that promotes equal opportunity for typically under-represented groups of business owners - including minorities, women, aboriginals, LGBTQ2S and veterans. Minority-owned businesses are vital to Canada’s economic prosperity. 


By implementing a supplier diversity program, companies are encouraging the use of these businesses in their supply chains. Many Fortune 1000 companies are now implementing these programs - it only makes sense given the increasingly diverse markets that most companies serve in this global age.

If your company handles a large amount of procurement, consider a supplier diversity program. Not only does it feel right to be socially responsible, companies who implement these programs see better procurement practices, reduced costs, improved profitability, increased innovation, new markets and better community engagement.   

We also help businesses owned by these groups identify opportunities for connecting and working with companies who use supplier diversity. 

supplier diversity

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