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Right Fit Hiring Profile

With turnover increasing - being up 22% over the past four years alone – and turnover costs able to cripple a business, it is crucial to increase your hiring success.

Using our innovative and practical hiring tool, The Right Fit Profile, you can increase the accuracy and reliability of your hiring process to be 82% successful in predicting performance and hiring the right people. You can keep your current process and simply add The Right Fit Profile to get the right people in the right places for your organization’s success. Think of the time and energy you can save in making your hiring decisions.

  • You have a clear and focused analysis to compare candidates and assess fit to your requirements
  • You know how candidates will take action so you gain bottom-line predictions of performance
  • You know how to set new hires up for success in your organization

Find the missing link to make your best hiring decisions. The impact to your organization from The Right Fit Profile is saving time, money and stress in making confident and successful decisions. You attract and retain the best people for your organization.


Whether you need to hire an executive, manager or assistant, the Kolbe Right Fit Profile makes finding the right person for the job easier and far less expensive than traditional selection methods. We provide "the missing link" in the hiring process.

Kolbe Right Fit reports take the guess-work out of the selection process, rating candidates based on their natural instincts .

​The hiring process is both exciting and frustrating. On one side, you are growing – on the other, finding the right people to hire can be difficult and tiresome. Studies have shown that traditional hiring processes are only about 50% predictive of performance and that only one third of hiring decisions are successful (worse yet, another one third are ineffective and stay!).